About us

Welcome to the exploration of Skyy Hi.

        Skyy Hi is a clothing brand that brings you apparel, aspirations, affirmations and advocacy. We empower the youth, we cater to our mental health, and we use our voices; all while looking good! Skyy Hi is a brand that stands in the fact that each and every Black and brown life has always mattered. We aim to fulfill our Dreams and the injustice acts against Black and brown lives. "Skyy Hi, reaching your Dreams Above and Beyond.." People are often convinced that their Dreams are unattainable. Skyy Hi is in the business to cancel this hateful culture. Encouraging you to live your best life! Strive for what you want and believe in, regardless of the nay sayers. Our beliefs rest from our shoulders to our outfits. Founder Cydni Skyy, created Skyy Hi to ensure that resonates in every way possible. 

Thanks for all your support. 

Enjoy the clouds while you're here. We're dream chasing.


A whole lotta love,

Cydni Skyy Newman